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Wombat poop

A team of scientists claims to have unraveled one of the animal kingdom’s more peculiar mysteries why wombat poop is cube shaped.. Wombats Poo Squares. It is quite a marvel to be able to produce square shaped poop, but the wombat has mastered this crafty skill. SUBSCRIBE for more .Recorded wombat cubes. So, what is poo for? Poo is produced by all organisms and species have adapted to utilise it in many different ways, such as a mechanism .Wombats are the only animals in the world that produce cube shaped scat. But how and why do they do it? Scientists now have a better idea..The Scoop on Wombat Poop Wombat poop is cube shaped so it doesn’t roll off the logs or rocks of where it’s placed. Learn how wombat poop is used as territorial .Learn why wombat scat has such a distinctive shape and what this means for other animals in Why is wombat scat shaped like a cube? Whether called poop, .Sci Tech Scientists discover why wombat poop is cube shaped. The adorable Australia marsupials’ scat is square for a very logical reason, and it’s not for building walls..

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