Why Smartphones Are Bad For You

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Smartphones are associated with health dangers such as germs, pain, eyesight and distractions. Stu.s show exposure to cell phone radiation does not lead to brain cancer, brain tumors, or other tumors. Use a headset if you are still worried about electromagnetic radiation from cell phone use..Reasons Why Cellphones Are Bad For Your Health . Cancer Risk A new study from Sweden suggests decades of cell phone use can triple your chances for brain cancer. . Sleep less individuals with smartphones in the bedroom sleep less each night. In addition, microwave radiation from cell phones is much riskier for kids than originally thought..Reasons why smartphones are bad. Esoteric Spirit. Reasons Your Iphone is a Trap. July , , by Alyce Vayle Comments Share this iPhones, smartphones, tablets or cells. Whatever you use, whatever you call it it’s a trap for the following reasons..See why checking your phone before sleeping is a bad idea. It reduces the attention span Smartphones reduce the attention span of people and makes them easily distracted..

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Why smartphones are bad for you

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