Why Electronic Devices Are Good

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Why electronic devices are good

Electronic devices can be useful but also have negative impact if they are over used. Let’s look at some of the pros and cons of allowing a young child to use a computer or electronic device. this artical was good,im doing a essay on why kids should not have electronics..Electronic devices are good for us in ways!!!! There are some cons but those are easy fixes. Also they help you with education and important work. If you do make sure to have a balance between electronic and well other things in life. If you did not have electronics then we would have a hard time living your life..Health Hazards of Electronic Devices for Kids We’re raising a new generation of children who lead device driven lifestyles. While computers and hand held devices are becoming more of necessities than luxuries, our children shouldn’t be inseparable from them..Are Electronic Devices Good or Bad for Your Kids? February , If you’re still not sure why this is a good thing for kids, take a moment to learn why coding can be so helpful for kids. We love the fact that they can both build cool things, devices tablets technology.One good substitution is reading. Reading an old fashioned, printed book under lamplight as opposed to bright overhead lighting is a great choice. And using an e ink e reader like the Kindle Paperwhite, as opposed to the Kindle Fire is also a good idea, because it doesn’t produce the same type of blue light that a smartphone or tablet would..Install apps on digital devices to help filter out blue lights, especially at nighttime Set an “electronic shut off” time and stick to it! Purchase and apply blue light filter screen protectors on your digital devices Your HealthPoint provider is a good resource for additional tips about reducing electronic use. Just ask!.

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