Why Drones Should Be Regulated

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Why drones should be regulated

Big Reasons That Drones Need to Be Regulated. am ET. DigitalVision Getty Images “hobby and recreational” flyers have been known to have their heads up their backsides with respect to where they should and shouldn’t be while flying, .Yes, they should. Yes, I agree that drones should be banned from private use. Drones are not safe for private citizens to handle. Drones are a government device and should not be in the use of civilian and private hands. This is similar to the issue of guns and semi automatic weapons they just don’t belong in the hands of private citizens..A delay by the FAA in announcing rules for drones has halted commercial use. A delay by the FAA in announcing rules for and to announce that people are “already confused about where they should and should not The letter asserts that in the first decade of a well regulated drone industry, innovators would create “, jobs and $ .Why Drones Should Be Regulated. Rioku Drone . Faa announces drone owners must register by february th despite lack of drone regulation experts say skies not lawless drone new basc regulaton for avaton ncl drones is adopted in its position paper on drone technology of january aci . Drones are AIRCRAFTS that can easily injure or kill people and should not be treated as toys. I think FAA should force people to get a permit similar to part before flying their drone. You’d have to answer numerous questions and that way we could filter out the dangerous people..The governor should sign it and encourage more discussion about how to regulate recreational drone use. Drone makers also have a stake in encouraging hobbyists to use their products responsibly. They would be wise to include in the boxes of recreational drones warnings about unsafe flying and specific instructions for checking flight restrictions..Model aircraft tend to be operated in ways that limit their ability to cause problems. They are typically small and flown in places away from buildings and unaffiliated people. When flown under the commonly accepted safety codes of model aircraft .

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