Why Cctv In Schools

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Our research on CCTV cameras in schools estimates that there are now more than , CCTV cameras in secondary schools and academies across England, Scotland and Wales. Our concerns about the scale of their use are not only a matter of the privacy of school children and teachers, but are also over the reasons why Britain continues to race ahead of nearly every other country when it comes to .Where CCTV systems are already in place, their use will be reviewed periodically, in consultation by the board of management with staff, students, and parents. Where CCTV is in operation, the School should have a CCTV Policy in place. Template CCTV policy for Schools Download CCTV Policy Template..This is because there are various blind spots in the school. Thieves too love robbing schools because the valuable nature of property. Great loses are made due loss of property render schools budget lesser effective. CCTV systems with DVR kits are the best solution to these kind of problems..You can also use CCTV for schools to ensure that your staff is reliable and dependable. If you expect your students to be supervised during a given period and notice staff sneaking off for a lunch break or a cigarette, you can approach them before it’s an issue. CCTV For Schools Protects Everyone.

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Why cctv in schools

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