Who Invented Smartphone Technology

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Who invented smartphone technology

So who invented the smartphone? First, let’s make it clear that the smartphone didn’t start with Apple though the company and its charismatic co founder Steve Jobs deserve much credit for perfecting a model that has made the technology just about indispensable among the masses..In fact, of Americans own a smartphone, according to Pew Research Center, and of Americans own a cell phone of some kind. The history and evolution of the smartphone is important to understand, because it gives us a glimpse of where we’ve come from, and of what’s coming. That goes for improvements in technology as well as consumer trends..Technology research company Gartner says that in the first three months of Microsoft’s Windows Mobile had an share of the smartphone market then totalling m handsets . November . Google announces it will offer the Android mobile operating system for free. Anyone can use it .I bet if you asked ten people who invented the smartphone, five of them would say Apple. Apple is certainly the holder of many patents, but they have not invented much. Their portfolio of popular products is strong. The iPod, iPhone and iPad just being the most recent..The American technology company IBM International Business Machines Corp. invented the smartphone in . The first smartphone released for the public was named Simon. The term smartphone was not coined until , but Simon had most .Fathers of Technology Men Who Invented and Innovated in Tech. Marty Cooper on the untapped potential of mobile technology in an interview with The Verge It’s an audio file of Borenstein and his barber shop quartet singing about the glory of the newly invented MIME. Where is he now?.

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