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Who invented laptop computer in

The computer considered by most historians to be the first truly portable computer was the Osborne . Thai born book and software publisher Adam Osborne was the founder of Osborne Computer Corp, which produced the Osborne . It was a portable computer that weighed pounds and cost $,..Bill Moggridge, a man from Britain, was the inventor of the first laptop computer. He created the first computer in , which was called the Grid Compass clamshell computer. There were a number of computers created in the late s, with Moggridge claiming the spot as the first laptop computer because of his design..The laptop computer revolutionized the way people work and travel nearly as much as the original computer did. Alan Kay, who worked for Xerox PARC, first created the concept for the laptop computer. He referred to it as the Dynabook.. The laptop was invented by Adam Osborne in . It was called ”Osborne ” and cost $,. It came bundled with $, worth of programmes. It had a tiny computer screen built into it. It was invented by Osborne Computers. The first portable .The first laptop computer, as most humans know them, was invented in . It was created by a former book publisher named Adam Osborne and was called the Osborne . The Osborne had a style and structure that was a precursor to the notebooks and laptops society currently uses. The portable computer weighed pounds and cost $,.. The first laptop or portable computer. The IBM is the first portable computer, which was released in September . The computer weighed pounds and had a five inch CRT display, tape drive, . MHz PALM processor, and KB of RAM..

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