Where Iphone Backups Are Stored On Mac

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Where iphone backups are stored on mac

Locate backups of your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch . Delete or copy iOS backups stored on Mac or PC . Locate and manage iOS backups stored in iCloud ..How much of your life is stored on your iPhone? For most people, the answer is probably a lot of it. Which is why it’s important to make regular backups to your Mac .See where iTunes iPhone backups are stored on PC and macOS OS X..Wondering where to view iPhone backup files on PC or Mac? Find out where is iPhone backup stored on Windows PC Mac and the iTunes backup location.. Where are iPhone backups stored? Find out the iTunes backup location of your iPhone on both Windows PC and Mac computers..Want to know the location where your iPhone backups stored? This post list the location of iTunes backup on Windows PC and Mac, come here to learn the details..Sometimes we need to find my iPhone backup Where Is My iPhone Backup Stored on Windows and Mac? Read on to find out where these backups are stored on a Mac .Finding “where are iPhone backups stored on your computer?” is pretty easy because regardless of whether its Windows or Mac OS X, iTunes backs up all your iPhone .

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