Where Did Smartphones Come From

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The iPhone Plus debuted with a dual lens camera in the back of the smartphone. More advanced smartphones may come with ‘quad cameras’, or two dual lens cameras such as the Honor Lite smartphone. The back and front of the smartphone each have a MP main lens and a MP lens for capturing depth information..History of the Smartphone. Alexander Graham Bell is the inventor of the telephone. In he made the first phone call. Telephones have not only come a long way, but may one day be completely obsolete. Motorola introduced some of the first cellphones to the public during the s..I was in the cell phone business doing customer service for years starting I’m I thought it was a passing fad. They were too expensive for regular consumers. and just large and unwieldy. I was making $. an hour at the time they recruite .The IBM Simon Personal Communicator, released in , was a sleeker, more advanced, and premium brick that sold for $,. Sure, a lot of smartphones today cost about as much, but remember that $, in the s was nothing to sneeze at..

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Where did smartphones come from

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