Where Computer Saves The Programs And Data

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Where computer saves the programs and data

However, to keep the familiarity of past computer programs, the save icon often looks like a floppy disk, which should resemble one of the icons shown below. File menu with the Save and Save As options. In the picture below is an example of the typical File menu with the Save option..Computer disk is a “non volatile” storage medium, meaning that programs and data will hopefully be available next time you turn on the computer. RAM is necessary for normal operation of the computer. Programs and data that are essential to the immediate operations of the computer.Way Save Data from iPhone to Computer Selectively with iMyFone D Port. This is the third and the most useful method of downloading iPhone information to computer. iMyFone D Port is a powerful iOS data exporter that allows you to save data from iPhone to PC Mac selectively. This means you can choose which data you want to save..So this brings me to my question, where does Windows keep the game data for these games and where is the save files? I noticed on the X Box Live games the save data seems to transfer as does the achievements when I re download the games between my laptop and tower, but still I don’t see where the game saves . original title Program Data new to Windows . I just purchased a new computer with windows . I am now installing programs, for example, installed a program to C \program data\Quantum. Than I go to “my computer” and can not find the “program data” folder. Is .

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