Where Are Drone Pilots Stationed

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Where are drone pilots stationed

On the frontlines with US drone pilots a console but no video game The remote Grand Forks air force base is a command centre for Global Hawks surveillance drones, He is a pilot with the th Reconnaissance Group stationed at Grand Forks air force base in North Dakota.. The Air Force now has more than , drone pilots, about less than it needs, stationed at or more bases across the United States. They fly the unmanned aircraft mostly in Afghanistan. The numbers do not include the classified program of the C.I.A., which conducts drone strikes in Pakistan, Somalia and Yemen. .Situational awareness can also be an issue for drone pilots, since they are not actually in the airspace with the aircraft. And a crowded airspace adds another level of difficulty. Although pilots are not involved with flight planning, they do have to make sure the drone stays on a course that does not conflict with anything else in the airspace..Matthew, a drone pilot, has been on the front lines for the last three years without traveling more than minutes from the nearest Walmart. His drone, the Global Hawk, is a surveillance and support planeit isn’t armed, but it’s flying over many of the same places Predator drones are, and then, really, a few more..The U.S. Air Force is instituting a new program aimed at keeping drone pilots soaring steep bonuses. The program, an attempt to curb an expected exodus of fatigued drone pilots, will offer new and current Remotely Piloted Aircraft RPA pilots $, yearly bonuses as of , according to a statement released by the Air Force this week..Stu.s have found similar levels of depression and PTSD among drone pilots working behind a bank of computers as among military personnel deployed to the battlefield. Facebook Twitter Pinterest. People gather at the site of a drone strike in southern Yemen on ..US senators asked the GAO to investigate how the Air Force treated its pilots back in , following previous reports of pilot issues, and in view of the massive expansion of America’s secretive drone pilot army. Since President Barack Obama was elected in , the number of drone pilots has tripled, and now stands at over ,..

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