When Electronic Music Was Good

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Absolutely brilliant, this song is pure electronic music with one of the best bass drops around. Its an epic song. the lyrics, the music just awake my senses. best song ever. This song is fantastic, I feel so good when I listen to it..In Part , we looked at what electronic music production is, and why it’s an awesome creative pursuit. In Part , I shared the approaches to learning electronic music production that people take, with pros and cons. Remember, the best approach is the intentional, systematic approach..How might algorithmic composition technology change the face of music? A article on electronic music site Synthtopia predicted that so called “fixed music” will become a thing of the past as “intelligent music” molds itself to a specific physical environment or set of listener preferences..Because it is for the most part trite boring and repetitive? It also takes a lot less skill time and effort to compose and make. anyone with a good computer some halfways decent knowledge of basic music theory or a halfways good ear vangelis, ne .

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Image Result For When Electronic Music Was Good

When electronic music was good

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