What Iphone Is Waterproof

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The iPhone X Is Waterproof! We hope this article helped clear up some question you had about whether or not the iPhone X is waterproof. We look forward to hearing your thoughts about the iPhone X in the comments section below! Would a completely waterproof iPhone X be enough for you to buy this iPhone?.The iPhone X does have a degree of water resistance, but is not waterproof. Apple strongly recommends against submerging the phone for even a moment. Or using it near large amounts of moisture..Apple’s newest iPhone is the first ever to be water resistant. There were reports that the iPhone S could withstand some splashes, but that was never officially confirmed by Apple. And while this is a big leap for an iPhone, it doesn’t mean you should take it for a swim..Best Answer iPhone is water resistant with an IP rating. It can sustain a splash or quick dip in water, but long submersion periods may cause damage to the device..

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What iphone is waterproof

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