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Smartphone zombies

Smartphone zombies smombies are pedestrians so much focused on their smartphones or tablets while walking that they do not notice the obstacles and dangers around them. Currently, this problem is a serious safety risk not only for “smartphone zombies” themself, but . Category People Blogs Song Fire Artist Brian Crain Album Piano Opus Writers Brian Crain Licensed to YouTube by TuneCore network by Believe on behalf of Crain Records, Inc. UMPI, TuneCore Publishing, .A recent study of , smartphone users across six European capitals suggests that Stockholm residents are most prone to put themselves at risk in traffic. In response to this pervasive problem, artists Jacob Sempler and Emil Tiisman created fake signs warning . Sky News IMPORTANT NOTICE Update As this channel will be on holiday for most of August the current copyright strike expires in mid September, consideration is being given to foregoing the .”Pokemon Go will be the end of Japan!” screams the headline in Jitsuwa Bunka Tabuu October . Okay, so Nintendo’s share prices briefly shot up by and the , McDonald’s outlets where the cute characters could be hunted reported their year on year revenues up by . . Big deal. Soon after the.Here’s how six cities around the world deal with smartphone zombies, or “smombies”. . ILSAN, SOUTH KOREA. This city in South Korea, which has the world’s highest smartphone penetration rate, has installed flickering lights at a road crossing to warn smartphone zombies to look up and drivers to slow down, in the hope of preventing accidents.. Seoul authorities are resorting to creative solutions to keep smartphone obsessed users safe from road accidents..

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