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Smartphone without data plan

When we asked you on Twitter how you used smartphone without a data plan, a few of you noted that calling your carrier and threatening to cancel actually caused them to waive the data plan..There are some possible reasons why someone might want a smartphone without a data plan. For one, a smartphone is a powerful mini computer, and people might want to have access to one, even without a constant Internet connection. One can take notes and set reminders, take pictures, and read books, listen to music and play games on a smartphone.. Many cellular phone companies provide a service called a smartphone data plan for customers who have smartphones. Smartphone plans differ from basic cell phone plans. Cell phone plans offer voice and text messaging services. A smartphone data plan offers a voice plan and text messaging service with .Using offline GPS without data on a low cost Android, iPhone. Adjusting to a minimal data plan is no big deal. For about two years now, I have been paying about $ per month, for G of data and unlimited talk and text. I’ve been closely watching what I actually use vs what I spend. Is it enough data? It’s actually way more data than I need..T Mobile allows the use of a smartphone without a data plan, if the customer pays full price for the smartphone or brings it from somewhere else. And to the original poster no, on Verizon Wireless you have to have a data plan on a smartphone that is in use..Smartphones require a data plan. Verizon doesn’t allow a smartphone on a basic phone plan. if you have a shared data plan, she can share your data. As for why, because smartphones will still use data on any plan. Rather than disable they just refuse to allow it. ATT doesn’t care. Smartphones can use any plan, even pay per use..I would like to know if I can use GPS navigation on a smartphone without data plan? For example, if I buy an unlocked Samsung or Nexus Android smartphone, I don’t want to buy a data plan.. Some people are turning off their cellular plan and using their smartphone using Wi Fi only Now, without a traditional voice and data plan, she can only use her phone around Wi Fi..

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