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Smartphone with ir blaster

List of Android Smartphones with IR Blaster. So if your Smartphone has got IR Blaster then you control virtually any electronic device that can be operated by a remote. IR Infrared LED. An IR Blaster or IR Transmitter emulates the functionality of remote for any device..Editor’s note We will be updating this list of the best phones with an IR blaster regularly as new devices launch. What is an IR blaster, anyway? The “IR” in IR blaster simply stands for “infrared.” The hardware itself is also equally simple to understand. If your phone has an IR blaster.LG V. The LG V, which was released in late , comes with an IR blaster and a handy always on secondary display. Over at Amazon, the smartphone is on sale for less than $ and is unlocked, so you can put it on the carrier network of your choosing..The . inch Full HD display is gorgeous. But more importantly, it has IR blaster, which takes its functionality to a whole new level. Honor is very affordable. The GB model costs you only $. Phones with IR Blaster Xiaomi Redmi Note . Priced at $, Xiaomi Redmi Note is the cheapest smartphone on our list feature the IR blaster..The LG G is perhaps the only flagship smartphone in that includes the IR Blaster. The G is also the first modular smartphone in the market, and it runs on a Snapdragon SoC, along with Android Marshmallow, and a really good MP primary camera, accompanied by an MP wide angle camera..About, devices with best prices are updated as of th October . GizBot helps you identify the best one that suits your style, budget and requirement. Choose from a wide range of IR Blaster mobiles from a wide range of brands, such as Samsung, Lenovo, HTC, Motorola, Xiaomi, Sony, LG, OnePlus, Huawei, Micromax and more.. So why then are we seeing more and more Android smartphones launching with a built in IR blaster? Well, many Android smartphone models let the user control their TV, set top box, and receiver straight from their smartphone Best phones with an IR blaster for all your remote control needs posted by Nick T. , .Find out What are the best smartphones with IR blaster, including Samsung Galaxy S Edge, LG V, ZTE Nubia Z other top answers suggested and .

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