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Smartphone jitterbug

Learn about the all new Jitterbug Smart, our best easy to use smartphone for seniors. Our simple smartphone has a simplified menu, offers an affordable way to call, send texts and email, and even turns into a personal safety device.. The Jitterbug Smart is easy to use for a smartphone, though a bit slower than other models. However, for those who want a simple, easy to use flip phone the Jitterbug Flip is a low cost, simple phone to use. It provides the familiarity that many .The Jitterbug Flip and Jitterbug Smart cell phones are designed to be simple cell phones for seniors, not some sort of alien technology that you need to decipher in order to use them. When you’re ready to dial the Jitterbug Flip, you simply flip open the cover and use the large, easy to see keys..Jitterbug is easy to use a cell phone that has bright screens, and big buttons were designed specifically with the older generation in mind. Today, it comes in two versions a flip phone and a smartphone..The Jitterbug Smart is a simplified Android smartphone that comes with several pre installed urgent care apps, making it a good option for seniors and those with medical conditions..Jitterbug plans are not only affordable for occasional and emergency use they are a bargain for frequent talkers, as well. With plans as low as just $. per month Jitterbug Smart also requires monthly data plans as low as $. per month , now you can have a simple, dependable cell phone for .

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