Smartphone Integration Package

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The new GLC will have a simpler interface that will increase the convenience of smartphone usage. Although all Mercedes Benz vehicles already have the ability to sync with smartphones, the new Mercedes Benz GLC smartphone features will include the newest version of mbrace technology and the best in Bluetooth connectivity..Select Mercedes Benz models offer Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as standard features, while other models only offer the technology with specific add on packages from the manufacturer. For example, the C Class only offers Apple CarPlay availability if it is equipped with the available Smartphone Integration Package..The strange thing for me was I DID NOT specify the smartphone integration package U It was a option! on my new from factory car. I have the basic Audio with included Garmin MapPilot and I have the SLC AMG, with the UK model being well specified compared with other countries and having a load of included options as standard but .Smartphone Integration System CarPlay. Hey guys, I’ve just placed an order for the new GLC d and I am very excited. Production date was set for April and delivery on May . I have been checking ever since the Mercedes Benz German DE website, and the configuration for each car..

Image Result For Smartphone Integration Package

Image Result For Smartphone Integration Package

Smartphone integration package

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