Smartphone Addiction App

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How To These Apps Can Help Cure Your Smartphone Addiction By Fionnuala O’Leary Looking through Android’s Google Play Store or the iOS App Store for iPhone users will yield a multitude of apps centered around the concept of mindfulness and limiting your phone use..The app uses a wise old owl character to lead you through recoveryhelping you set goals, record progress, and celebrate your hard work and milestones. The fun and friendly interface makes the app versatile for people of any age who are working through addiction recovery. Through the app you can Check in Log your emotional status times a day.. App to break phone addiction Stay focused, If you think you’re spending an unhealthy amount of time on your smartphone and getting distracted or feeling addicted, SPACE will help you take control of your phone life balance and connect you with the real world..If you are one of those smartphone addicted users who can’t leave their phone even when hanging with friends or talking with parents, then these apps have a brilliant solution to help you break your smartphone addiction. Many of these app developers offer you specialized apps that are designed to curb your smartphone usage. These apps help [].

Image Result For Smartphone Addiction App

Image Result For Smartphone Addiction App

Smartphone addiction app

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