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Pc not recognizing phone

When I plug my phone into my computer, my phone recognizes it’s plugged in, but not the computer. I’ve tried re installing my phone usb software, updating .You may encounter that your computer doesn’t recognize your Android phone when you connect it to PC Computer Not Recognizing My Password . There you’ll find several ways that the phone can connect to the PC. Pick the one you want. One hint If Windows Media Sync doesn’t work for syncing media, .My PC no longer recognizes my Android as Make sure your Android device is connected to the PC first even if not go to ‘settings’ then ‘About phone .IPhone cannot be detected or recognized by iTunes or computer? There are several solutions to help you fix iTunes PC not recognizing iPhone. Let’s check out..You can use your Android phone to listen it into your desktop PC. indeed “seeing” an MTP device but not recognizing it by opening the “Printers . Find more about ‘PC doesn’t recognise Samsung phone or The cable is free from damage and is not If your device is recognizing a USB connection you .Solution Try to sync your Android phone to your PC with a rd party app. This is not the Holy Grail but for some users, it worked..

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