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Mustang mach e

THIS NEW BREED OF MUSTANG IS ELECTRIC. Built from all the passion of its iconic status, Mustang MachE is a new shape of freedom. Get ready to fall in love with driving all over again.. The Mustang Mach E’s battery is located under the floor of the car, which allows for maximum cargo and passenger space. Unlike its exterior, the inside of the Mach E has little in common with the regular Mustang. Its streamlined dashboard hosts an attractive digital gauge cluster and is dominated by a huge vertically mounted touchscreen.. New breed. New Era. Introducing the all electric MustangMachE.* Reserve your Mustang Mach E here *By completing the reservatio .The Mustang Mach E features the Mustang’s signature rear haunch design and trademark tri bar tail lamps. Ford. The Mach E is expected to arrive in dealerships beginning in late with “Premium” and “First Edition” models, followed by base and performance models, including a “GT,” through spring .. The Mustang Mach E comes with RWD or AWD, with up to a mile range and two battery choices, but it’s not just the powertrain that’s radical a massive Tesla style screen dominates the interior, and the door handles .A new horse is joining the stable. Ford’s all electric, Mustang inspired SUV is finally here, revealed Sunday evening ahead of the LA Auto Show. Meet the Mustang Mach E. With this battery powered utility vehicle, Ford is aiming to deliver a product that hits the EV market’s sweet spot. Stylish.The Mustang Mach E will be available in five trims initially Select, California Route , Premium, GT, and First Edition. The Select is the base trim and prices will start from $, while the Premium is priced from $,, California from $,, GT is priced from $, and the limited run.

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