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Under the current General Fund Budget, the Commonwealth spends $,,, in tax moneys $,, . each day, $,,. each hour, $,. each .Michael Folmer of Lebanon, Pennsylvania is a Pennsylvania State Senator who represented the th district, which includes all of Lebanon County and portions of Dauphin and York Counties, from . He is a member of the Republican Party. CHARGED. My Office has arrested PA State Senator Michael Folmer for possession of childography..A Pennsylvania state senator is accused of possession of childography after authorities received a tip that an explicit image had been uploaded onto Tumblr. Sen. Mike Folmer, a Republican from Lebanon County, has been charged withual abuse of children, possession of childography, and. LEBANON, Pa. Pennsylvania state Sen. Mike Folmer, a four term Republican from Lebanon County, resigned Wednesday after he was charged with possession of childography. Calls for him to quit after the charges were announced late Tuesday were swift .Sheila Folmer Sheila Folmer is the longtime wife of politician, Michael Folmer who currently serves as a Pennsylvania state senator. Sheila’s husband may be about to lose his power position as the year old Republican is facing charges.

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