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Lock computer except one program

How do I lock my computer to one program? I’m having a party, and I want my computer locked to only spotify. I stream music from my computer to my home system through my PC, but I don’t want anyone to mess around with anything except spotify.. Anyway, during the party, I want to lock my computer so that nothing can be used except the mouse, keyboard and itunes. Is it possible to lock my computer to only use one program? I want to lock my computer so that nothing can be used except the mouse, keyboard and itunes.. The screen will start the program right away in this case UPS shipping program, that is not part of windows app User can only use UPS, they cannot even go to task manager, and even desktop, it is only locked on that UPS program. Is there anyway to do it? because I’ve been searching and still cannot find the answer. Your help really .AppLocker is a free tool for Windows that lets you lock any program or application instantly. If you are an administrator and don’t want other users to access certain programs, then you can lock them using this tool. You can lock multiple applications at once.. Question Q Lock the entire computer, except for one program? I am having my th high school reunion this weekend and was wondering if there is a way to lock my entire MacBook except for a guestbook I would probably make in Filemaker Pro or something. Thanks in advance! More Less..The Best Ways to Lock Down Your Multi User Computer. but need to leave the computer for some time, you can quickly lock your account, so no one can access it. To do this, you may not be ready to close the programs. There is a free utility, called LockThis!, that allows you to lock down minimized program windows, . I’m sure this is asking way to much, but does anyone know of a program or a way that will allow me to lock my computer like when I get up from my desk but still show one of th [SOLVED] Lock computer except for monitor Windows Forum Spiceworks.Here, you can select the folder where the app or software you want to lock is installed. The Windows software are generally installed in C Program Files or Program Files x , so you can just head over and locate the software you want to lock. You can even select the Program Files folder to .

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