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How to Zoom Out on a PC. There are several ways to zoom out on your computer. This wikiHow will help you zoom out on a PC. Select the page you want to zoom out of by clicking on it. This method is best for most users. It’s the quickest and .I upgraded to Windows several months back and everything had been working just fine. I first noticed this on YouTube and then on Facebook. When videos play, they are very “zoomed in” and only show a small fraction of the whole screen. It’s a very grainy, black and white picture that plays. The sound is fine..My computer was working fine until one morning I turned it on and now my computer screen is zoomed in and everything is HUGE ! everything I open including internet does the same. please does my cat sat on my laptop and it stuck on zoom ive tried all yr solutions and none worked by the way I have windows . Report. personw aquestion .This is driving me insane. whenever I try to watch a video on my laptop the picture is super zoomed in and gray looking. it happens everywhere. hulu, youtube and Netflix and even gif files or ad’s too. facebook videos just turn weird and gray and don’t zoom in like the rest so far. its not just online though. it also happens in the .

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Image Result For Laptop Zoomed In

Laptop zoomed in

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