Laptop You Can Write On The Screen

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Laptop you can write on the screen

If you’re looking for a touchscreen laptop on a budget, you can’t do much better than the Lenovo Chromebook C. As a in design, the C can switch between a laptop and tablet with a quick flip of the screen. There’s not much to the overall design, but it feels durable and solid when in use.. Drawing and taking notes on a Surface Laptop? Would you buy something like this for creating art and handwriting? Can You Draw Write on the Surface Laptop? Teoh Yi Chie. Loading . I am looking for a laptop for my daughter who is going to college next year. She does not want a Surface pro like the one I have. Does anyone know a good laptop with decent specs to last her a while where she can use one note and be able to write on the screen much like the surface pro ? Thank you for all your help. Be free to create, connect and share in more ways than ever before. Now ready for pen, the Pavilion x is more than a laptop, it’s the one device for everything..Almost a week now since I got my Ideapad Fex and I love this laptop however I never used before a pen stylus to write on the screen and I ask here a few questions before I damage the screen. BTW I installed the Windows creators update and all is working fine. Nowhere I can find .Lenovo’s new tablet is one you can actually write on IFA Lenovo Yoga Book comes with a stylus that is able to detect handwriting and copy it on to the screen.. This Site Might Help You. RE Laptop screen you can write on and project in a classroom? I was in a meeting and saw someone swing their laptop screen around and use like a pad of paper that they wrote on and it projected onto the screen..

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