Laptop Keyboard Stopped Working

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One of the easy quick solution to solve your keyboard not working problem is to restart your laptop. Some users found that restart really made their keyboard work again at once. Thus try to restart your laptop firstly. If your keyboard still doesn’t work, no panic, try other solutions listed below. Solution Uninstall your Dell laptop .Acer Laptop Keyboard Not Working [Solved] Jonny Lin Last Updated years ago. . Many Acer laptop users have reported that the keyboard on their laptop can’t work properly some of the keys are not responsive or all of them stops functioning. It sometimes lead to a laptop keyboard not working issue..I bought this laptop a little over a month ago and the keyboard has stopped working twice in that time. Each time the HP support has told me how to fix this problem, but since it happened twice I am worried that it will be a reoccurring problem..My Laptop Keyboard Not Working? Here I solve HP, Dell, Lenovo, Toshiba, Acer, Asus, Samsung, Sony, etc., laptop keyboard not working. This question is asked by peter and last few days I was working on this issue..

Laptop keyboard stopped working

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