Laptop Has Two Display Adapters

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How to shift between display adapters. Thread starter orca Start date Dec First calm down, this is all by design. The laptop comes with two cards, the Integrated and the Dedicated. When your You might want to sit down and take a read on all these unique features YOUR specific laptop has. Someone Somewhere Titan. Moderator. Sep .So on my pc i have two display adapters, one Nvidia GeForce GTX and Intel R HD Graphics . I was wondering is this normal or do i need to uninstall one.I’d noticed that in my device manager, there are display adapters are currently installed, Intel R HD Graphics Family and . Radeon TM HD M. I want to know why there are two? will those two work together?Would my ATI radeon graphic card work? i have a HP pavilion g x laptop, windows professional x. thnx in advance.Okay. I have a question as I bought a new Asus laptop Gaming slash work laptop. It has display adapters. One is the intel HD The other is Geforce m My question is why does it have two? CPU z says it is using the intel now. Why is it not using my geforce? I have never seen it do this. Also if I go to game does it switch adapters?.

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Laptop has two display adapters

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