Israel Election

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It would also generate a massive crisis for Israel and the broader Middle East. In sum, this is a very, very big deal. Israel’s election results reveal why Netanyahu won. The story of Netanyahu’s victory is pretty simple Israel is a center right country, and Netanyahu rallied enough right wing voters to defeat the center..Final Results Israel Election . The final election results and all of the polls leading up to Election Day in one place Who can form a government? Try out our interactive coalition building tool and do the math Click the parties and try to get to seats..It is the party of Israel’s current prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, who is seeking to gain more power to build a government after failing to do so following the April election. Prior to the September election, the Likud and Kulanu parties announced on May their intention to run together in the new election..Israel Elections The latest news from the Israeli election campaigns.The competing members of the Knesset, candidates,ysis and comentaries.

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Image Result For Israel Election

Israel election

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