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Iphone calendar

Apple’s Calendar app for iPhone and iPad lets you schedule everything from your workday to your household chores. It also lets you keep everything organized by color coding your calendars, setting time zones, setting calendar types including Chinese, Hebrew, and Islamic and even customizing default alerts..The Calendar on your iPhone or iPad is a versatile tool which can be used for a lot more than meets the eye. If you want to rely on fewer apps for common tasks, .Set up multiple calendars on iPhone. In the Calendar app , you can set up multiple calendars to keep track of different kinds of events. Although you can keep track of all your events and appointments in one place, you don’t have to.. Tap the calendar name to see if the event is in an iCloud calendar. Set an iCloud calendar as the default calendar Tap Settings > Calendar. Tap Default Calendar. Tap a calendar under iCloud to make it your default. See which account your reminders are in Open the Reminders app. Tap the list name in the upper left corner to view all your lists..Sync your Outlook calendar with your iOS device. Connect your iPhone or iPod touch to your computer using the cable provided with your device or by placing the iPhone or iPod touch in the Apple Universal Dock. iTunes opens automatically when connected to your computer..Google does not offer a calendar app for iOS, but several other developers offer iPhone apps that integrate with Google Calendars. For example, the Microsoft Outlook app for iOS integrates with both Gmail and Google Calendar, so it may be a good choice for people who want to access their Google Calendar but prefer to avoid the stock iOS . No matter iPhone calendar not syncing with iCloud, not syncing with Gmail, or not syncing with Outlook, which will be very depressing. How to Fix iPhone Calendar Not Syncing. This guide is going to share you some potential methods about how to fix iPhone calendar not syncing with iCloud Gmail Outlook in iOS . Let’s see it in parts..The stock Calendar app on your iPhone is sneaky good. When setting up your iPhone $ at Amazon , there are a number of settings to change and tweak right away, but one that often goes overlooked is the stock iOS Calendar app. It’s simple but deceptively powerful if you set it up right. Who.

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