Iphone Autocorrect Exceptions

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Iphone autocorrect exceptions

On the AutoCorrect tab, click Exceptions, and then do one of the following If you selected the Correct TWo INitial CApitals check box, .Edit Autocorrect on iPhone by tapping the suggestion that appears in the predictive text field. Other ways of adding words to iPhone dictionary .Choose AutoCorrect options for capitalization, spelling, Choose AutoCorrect options for capitalization, After you add the word to the exceptions list .The Word AutoCorrect options can help you and here’s how to adjust them. Apps . Exceptions. Next you will see The best iPhone apps for astronomy and .The AutoCorrect feature can be a problem if you regularly use a word that is not in the main dictionary, but which is nevertheless similar to a word present in the .Autocorrect can be a blessing until it isn’t. Once you have an infamous auto correct fail, then you’re likely to be wary so it doesn’t happen again though it . Word’s AutoCorrect is one of its function that works like auto correct on the iPhone the ‘Exceptions’ lists on the main AutoCorrect tab .

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