How Smartphones Are Transforming Healthcare

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How smartphones are transforming healthcare

“As more entities beyond just your doctor start to consume your data, robust security between your device and the cloud becomes more important than ever,” says Karthik Ranjan, director of healthcare and emerging technologies at Arm, which designs smartphone and wireless chips. But the benefits to overloaded healthcare systems could be enormous..Smartphones are transforming healthcare, “It could be used as the basis for continuous, passive health, and readiness assessment,” he added. Kryptowire’s new tech is built to work on both iOS and Android smartphonesthe two leading operating systems in mobile technology..How smartphones are transforming healthcare. | Financial Times Madhumita Murgia. On a bitingly cold evening in late December, having spent most of the day nursing a stomach ache, I decided I could no longer avoid medical advice..Mobile applications and devices, including smartphones, tablets, and wearables, are at the core of healthcare operations. According to Zion Market Research, by , the global market for mHealth apps is expected to grow more than $ billion. Patients Gaining .Smartphones, no matter the brand, have the capacity and power to influence the masses. The healthcare industry is not new to using this powerful piece of technology. From apps that make you feel like your phone is a mobile medical clinic to track your daily food or exercise, your smartphone is a resource of information for your health..Making apps work for healthcare. Digital healthcare is expected to be a $ billion global industry by , with mobile health making up percent of the total. The potential of mobile health is undeniable, but that doesn’t mean every app is a positive development.. With rapidly progressing technology, the potential for transforming healthcare at home will also grow tremendously. Many devices are available these days which can be connected to smartphones to help reduce the costs as well as the time that is consumed when it comes to doctor visits in endangered health situations..

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