How Smartphones Are Killing Conversation

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Smartphones are killing face to face conversation. Technology has taken over our lives, especially to the point where we have forgotten how to connect with others. It’s used so much that some people have a hard time communicating to others face to face because they just don’t know how..Smartphone monster slowly killing the art of conversation Saturday June People use their smartphones while waiting in front of a restaurant in Tokyo’s Ginza district on ..Are smartphones killing the art of conversation? With new research finding we spend an entire day each week online, Chris Graham asks if our phone use could be harming our communication skills. Cutting the small talk Online communication is taking over from actual conversation. Stock Image..Much is made about smartphones leading to dumber conversation amid claims that the art of chatter has been lost. Arguably, however, conversation has simply been rebooted and reconfigured. Take the myriad ways in which we can and do communicate now..

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How smartphones are killing conversation

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