How Iphone Portrait Mode Works

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But Apple was the first to popularize portrait mode, and now offers it on the iPhone Plus, iPhone Plus, and iPhone X. Here’s how portrait mode works, how you can use it, and why it’s only .Portrait Mode on the new iPhone works with not only human faces, but also objects and pets, according to Apple. Apple’s sample photos of Portrait Mode on the iPhone From the iPhone .Before we learn how to use Portrait Mode, let’s find out how this cool feature works. The fundamental process Portrait Mode uses is called depth mapping. First, it takes photos using the two lenses in front of your iPhone. Portrait Mode then combines the images to create a depth map that determines the foreground and the background..A look at some of the photos I took with Apple’s newest iPhone and a test of Portrait Mode’s limits . CNET tambien esta disponible en espanol. But, Portrait mode only works on people, .

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How iphone portrait mode works

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