How Electronics Affect Our Body

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While this system evolved to set the body’s circadian rhythms according to the rising and setting of the sun, it’s also receptive to the light input from electronic devices. As a result, our bo.s are forced to establish new day and night set points that impact all our organ systems and overall health..While there are many fine, educational websites and television programs, allowing a child too much time with electronics may cause problems in the long run. Computers, tablets and smartphones can make life more convenient, but physical health, language acquisition and social skills may suffer if time using electronics .Parents Put down the phone!.If you’re among these nighttime technology users, you may not realize the extent to which this can make it harder to settle down to sleep. But it can. The truth is, using electronic devices before bedtime can be physiologically and psychologically stimulating in ways that can adversely affect your sleep..

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How electronics affect our body

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