How Cctv Surveillance System Works

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A CCTV system basically has four major constituents namely the camera, monitor, lens, and the video tape recorder. Among these gears, the camera is the principle part, since it is the one that gathers the images. The camera functions the same way .While most IP cameras and NVRs are compatible, you should always check with your surveillance system integrator to ensure all your products will work together properly. If your surveillance system has a mixture of CCTV and IP cameras, you can use specialized video encoders that allow your CCTV cameras to be connected to an NVR..Reference How CCTV Works.You can also check how CCTV Camera works from different perspectives Closed circuit TV camera, typically abbreviated as CCTV camera, comprises at least one camera transmitting data to a monitor or video recorder.The data transmitted can either be video and audio, or video only..The SYSPRO DA is a camera CCTV security system with DVR, IR dome cameras, cables, and power supplies included. The DPRO ECVF IR dome cameras included with this system are IP weatherproof rated making them usable for both indoor and outdoor surveillance applications..

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How cctv surveillance system works

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