Electronic Voting

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E voting electronic voting E voting is an election system that allows a voter to record his or her secure and secret ballot electronically. In , it’s estimated that approximately percent of the voting population in the United States used some form of e voting technology, including direct electronic recording DER touch screen s or .Electronic voting in other jurisdictions. Several countries for example, Brazil and Estonia have either introduced or trialled electronic voting in its various formsbut no internationally agreed standards have evolved. Overall, the Australian states and territories have not embraced electronic voting to any great degree..Electronic voting is when a voter casts a ballot through a digital system instead of on paper. Until the beginning of the st century, electronic voting did not exist, and paper ballots were the sole means of recording votes. However, since the late s early s, electronic voting has become more popular and made advances, despite many .Electronic voting, a form of computer mediated voting in which voters make their selections with the aid of a computer. The voter usually chooses with the aid of a touch screen display, although audio interfaces can be made available for voters with visual disabilities. To understand electronic .

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Electronic voting

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