Electronic Voting Machine

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Smart Electronic Voting Machine Using Arduino. This project is all about Simple Smart Electronic Voting Machine Using Arduino. The basic idea of this project is to create an electronic voting machine that will help to eradicate defrauding of the manual voting systems and prior versions of electronic voting..Ans. Electronic Voting Machine EVM is an electronic device for recording votes. An Electronic Voting Machine consists of two Units a Control Unit and a Balloting Unit joined by a five meter cable. The Control Unit is placed with the Presiding Officer or a Polling Officer and the Balloting Unit is placed inside the voting compartment..Electronic Voting Machine using , as the idea suggests today we will be working on developing EVM using micro controller . We will try to keep this project as simple as possible, so that most of you can construct it right from scratch. Components used for Electronic Voting Machine using , SSTERD preferably.Electronic Voting Machine EVM is a simple electronic device used to record votes in place of ballot papers and boxes which were used earlier in conventional voting system. Fundamental right to vote or simply voting in elections forms the basis of democracy..

Electronic voting machine

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