Electronic Valve Instrument

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Later, in , the EVI then a MIDI controller along with it’s sister the EWI Electronic Wind Instrument was sold to Akai. However in Akai discontinued the product line. “I presently produce on a small scale, an updated version of the EVI. It is just a very light controller that puts out midi and can run on a v battery..Total valve stem travel like an odometer in an automobile Additionally, the microprocessor embedded within an electronic valve positioner is capable of performing self tests, self calibrations, and other routine procedures traditionally performed by instrument technicians on mechanical valve positioners..The EVI Electronic Valve Instrument is the brainchild of my inventor friend Nyle Steiner. This particular model is one of only two see through versions that Nyle produced. This particular instrument has been fitted with a wireless MIDI transmitter, the MIDIjet Pro, produced by Classic Organ Works here in Toronto..EVI Electronic Valve Instrument . likes talking about this. Page dedicated to all things EVI electronic valve instrument . The EVI is a musical .

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Image Result For Electronic Valve Instrument

Electronic valve instrument

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