Electronic Key Management System

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An electronic key management system can restrict which people are allowed access to individual keys, it is an access control system for keys. Knowing who took the keys when and where they are now means you are always in control and people feel more accountable resulting in less lost keys..The Keycontrol range is fully flexible and can easily be expanded from key places, up to thousands of key places in the same key management system. As your needs grow, you can easily add more strips and key slots in your key cabinet, or more key cabinets. Up to key cabinets can be connected in the same key management system..Deister electronic offers a portfolio of RFID solutions that improve security, reduce loss and lower administrative burden. Our systems provide transaction history, centralized control, self service capabilities, and integrations with Physical Access Control and Fleet Management applications..In addition, the KEYper system allows you to return any key to any location in the cabinet, and then learns the key’s new location. Productivity No more searching for, or replacing lost keys! Always know who took which key, when. Reports Electronic key management system reports can be generated and used to track business..

Image Result For Electronic Key Management System

Image Result For Electronic Key Management System

Electronic key management system

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