Electronic Imaging Materials

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Electronic Imaging Materials, Inc. was founded in . The company’s line of business includes manufacturing carbon paper and inked ribbons..Industry Solutions Durable labels and tags for all applications. Electronic Imaging Materials, Inc. is a recognized leader in barcode solutions for slide, vial and plate laboratory labeling, rack, bin and package labels for warehouses and distribution, inventory tagging of property and assets, safety and security markings, rugged labels for .Electronic Imaging Materials, Inc. is a leading provider of barcode labeling solutions for laboratory healthcare facilities as well as for manufacturers of medical devices supplies. We recognize the need for lab labels to handle extreme conditions such as cryogenic storage or rigorous chemicals, stains and solvents like xylene or acetone..Electronic Materials for Sensors DuPont develops innovative sensor materials for customers around the globe, suitable for a range of applications and temperatures, including high and low temperature automotive applications, biomedical sensors, touch sensors, and more. Learn More.

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Electronic imaging materials

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