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Drone rules

The drone safety rules vary depending on whether you are flying commercially or for fun recreationally . Find out what you need to know to fly safely. The drone safety rules vary depending on whether you are flying commercially or for fun recreationally ..Drone code. When you fly a drone in the UK it is your responsibility to be aware of the rules that are in place to keep everyone safe. Follow these simple steps to make sure you are flying safely and legally. On the restrictions on flying drones near airfields changed..Register to fly a drone or model aircraft. From it is illegal to fly without registering and passing a theory test. Register yourself and take the test UK Civil Aviation Authority looks to widen scope for assistance dogs on flights October, . Thomas Cook .Whether you’re a new drone pilot or have years of experience, rules and safety tips exist to help you fly safely in the national airspace. To get started, be sure to select which type of drone user you are and find out what rules and regulations apply to your specific situation..Drone rules Share this Share on facebook Share on twitter. Australia’s recreational drone rules are designed to keep you and others safe, on the ground and in the air Here are the rules you need to know now, before you take off. You must not fly your drone higher .Calling all drone pilots, the FAA has new rules you need to know, and follow. Commercial drone operators can operate as usual, but hobby pilots, every last one of you flying a drone in your backyard or local park, you may not be allowed to fly where you have been..As a professional drone operator, I am obliged by the law to respect the corresponding national safety and operational rules in order not to interfere with aviation safety, endanger persons or cause damage to property. In Europe, every citizen has a fundamental right to .Rules vary from country to country e.g., maximum allowable height in Canada is meters , so check AirMap or your local aviation authority. It is your responsibility to make sure that your drone stays within this safety limit at all times. . Maintain visual line of sight..

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