Drone Near Power Plant

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I have been asked to help document a large turbine replacement at a local FPL power plant. I am not going to be flying nilly willy around the power plant. They made need some inside platform shots and some low flying shots above the entrance of the main building plus maybe a foot or so aerial of the complex..A Superman shaped drone and a miniature aircraft piloted by Greenpeace activists were smashed Tuesday morning against a building of a nuclear power plant near Lyon, with “no impact” on the safety of facilities according to the state controlled EDF. Two days before the submission of a parliamentary report on nuclear safety and security, the .This is a DJI crash warning for dji s drones and aerial Drones using the wookong m flight controller. a dji s wookong m flight controller, imu and gps can be heavy affected by electromagnetic interference as seen in this crash video, and will cause your dji s drone or any other drones that use the dji flight controller .Flames soared meters above a power plant near Moscow, where a fire broke out on Thursday. Two helicopters and two fire trains were deployed to fight the b .

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Drone near power plant

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