Drone Near Power Plant

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I have been asked to help document a large turbine replacement at a local FPL power plant. I am not going to be flying nilly willy around the power plant. They made need some inside platform shots and some low flying shots above the entrance of the main building plus maybe a foot or so aerial of the complex..The arrest warrant referred to a “no fly zone.” The incident report said that “a glider or drone had infiltrated the restricted airspace over the H.B. Robinson Nuclear Power Plant.” But Fleming knew nothing on the FAA sectional charts prohibited him from flying there..Ten of the cases occurred just in and six took place near the Kori Nuclear Power Plant in northern Busan in August. Referring to the recent drone on oil facilities in Saudi Arabia, the lawmaker said the Aviation Safety Act needed to be revised to counter possibles using drones..Flames soared meters above a power plant near Moscow, where a fire broke out on Thursday. Two helicopters and two fire trains were deployed to fight the b .

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Image Result For Drone Near Power Plant

Drone near power plant

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