Drone J Pipe

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Has anyone running catless done a j pipe exhaust? I heard around the way that j pipes are one of the best ways to quiet an exhaust down. I guess if placed in the right location the j pipe will match pressure pulses eliminating drone. Just wanted to see if anyone’s heard of this as my exhaust guy hasn’t..Fixing exhaust drone with resonator tube aka j tube j pipe Fixing exhaust drone with resonator tube aka j tube j pipe how to calculate tube length. Exhaust drone is a problem I’ve been dealing with and most of the time people solve it by trying various mufflers, resonators, and sound deadening until they like the outcome..The solo picture is what I also looked at doing, but it would be the most difficult spot for me to put the j pipe, as adjusting the length to zero in on the drone would be a PITA..The j pipes are there to absorb the frequency at the most likely RPM that the VE will drone and depending on the diameter of pipe, the J pipe length is adjusted accordingly If i remember rightly, i think it is inches for .inch pipe.

Drone j pipe

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