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Drone Delivery Canada is a pioneering drone technology firm developing next generation logistics services. We welcome the best and the brightest. If you love the thrill of solving complex problems, if you have a burning entrepreneurial spirit and if you want to bring leading drone technology to businesses globally, then we want to hear from you..KEY FACTS TO KNOW. Drone delivery is a DISRUPTIVE TECHNOLOGY which will re define the traditional shipping delivery market. Drones will be able to deliver products FASTER, EASIER and CHEAPER allowing retailers to grow their revenues and bottom lines..Food deliveries. Early prototypes of food delivery drones include the Tacocopter demonstration by Star Simpson, which was a taco delivery concept utilizing a smartphone app to order drone delivered tacos in San Francisco area. The revelation that it didn’t exist as a delivery system or app led to it being labelled a hoax..How Drone Delivery Might Look In . If the regulators cooperate, commercial drone delivery will become a widespread reality to be enjoyed by consumers and those in need of urgent medical supplies and emergency services worldwide..

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Drone delivery

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