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TC Electronic Dark Matter Distortion Pedal

If you are searching for reviews about electronic, then this is where to find it. TC Electronic Dark Matter Distortion Pedal might be your best choice. Read this review and buy it by clicking the button below right now before this discount comes to an end. Current price is 74.99.

Dark Matter Distortion aims to give you that powerful, super-musical roar of an early plexi – a sound that will satisfy even the pickiest players out there
We are confident we have achieved just that, and this is one of those pedals you have to try to believe what it can actually do for your distorted sounds
From cleans with an attitude and warm bluesy tones to a crunch with grit for days and fully saturated lead sounds full of harmonics and overtones, it’s all here in spades and instantly available by riding your guitar’s volume knob
Dark Matter distortion is built from the highest-grade components, features an easy-access battery hatch and has a conveniently small footprint
At TC Electronic, we love great and musical distortion
As guitarists, we know all about the pure bliss an A-power chord through an amazing overdriven amp gives, and as world-class guitar pedal manufacturers, we know exactly how to obtain that sound through a pedal
So, we decided to focus on a distortion sound that brings your tone to life
We want to give you distortion sounds that spice up your riffs and solos in a way that makes you feel like you are playing the ‘Enormodome’
distortion sounds so mean you should really have a license to operate them
Dark Matter Distortion defines instant gratification and will become the go-to pedal on your board for distortion
Initially, you simply plug it in and start rocking, but its many great sounds will have you playing with it for years to come
From bluesy crunch to full-on vintage cranked, but always very musical distortion sounds, this pedal was designed for the guitarists that like things a bit (or very) dirty
Featuring an all-analog circuit, dual-band tone controls, level and drive knobs and a voicing switch to tweak the bass response, you are set from creamy leads over riff-heavy stadium rock to modern, angst-ridden grunge
By ramping up the voltage to more than 3-4 times the amount of your typical drive pedals, we achieved a dramatic increase in terms of headroom and dynamics, giving you a pedal with a range of sounds matched by none out there
There is plenty of gain to suit any kind of musical style, but the sound always stays very open and clear and it will never get muddy or cover up your playing
Instead, Dark Matter Distortion has a very open character, no matter if you use it as a slight ‘AC/DC-ish’ crunch or as a full-blown, fire-breathing dragon, this pedal will always let your playing shine through
All Dark Matter Distortion will do to your sound is add degrees of distortion and leave your precious tone alone.

TC Electronic Dark Matter Distortion Pedal

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LOADpro finds these problems FAST: High Corrosive Resistance Shorts to Ground Open Circuits By loading the circuit, LOADpro makes a voltage drop test on the fly
Just press the switch the test results can not lie
Use LOADpro w/your DMM and follow our test method – you will find wiring faults quicker
LOADpro Test Leads feature SteadyPin Probe Tips, which allows the probe to sit firmly on a male ECM or connector pin
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accuracy: +2% of reading
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The break and shock resistant plastic housing, reduces damage from accidental drops.This is designed for all 12 volt systems, reverse polarity protected
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