Countries Where Drones Are Illegal

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Unfortunately, some countries just aren’t drone friendly. Most states in America have UAV unmanned aerial vehicle laws and legislation, which, when followed correctly, regulate drone usage. This, in turn, allows people to use drones, as long as those rules of the law stay respected. Some countries have stringent rules when it comes to drones..Although many African countries still lack drone laws or have banned drones altogether, somesuch as Rwanda, Namibia, and South Africa, for startershave developed robust drone laws, and are leading the way for neighboring nations to do the same themselves. The Countries Where Drones Are Banned. Wondering which countries ban drones?.While some countries have clear, established drone laws, many others don’t, or the existing regulations don’t take into account how much the UAV landscape has changed over the last several years. On this page, we’ve done our best to lay out drone law links to help you better navigate the UAV industry in your respective U.S. state or country..Thanks for the ra, but I’m not an expert on this at all, can only guess for similar reasons as other things legal in most or many countries are not legal in others .

Countries where drones are illegal

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