Computer Without Bloatware

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Computer without bloatware

So, if you want a Windows computer without bloatware, sure, go to the Microsoft store. Just do it in person and pay cash. _____ * This screen shot shows that the YTD Video Downloader has changed since the How To Geek article called it out..If not, visit the driver download page for your computer on the manufacturer’s website and download any drivers and other software you need. How to Reinstall Windows Without Bloatware on the Anniversary Update. An earlier version of this feature is also available on the Anniversary Update.. Bloatware is as bloatware does. We call it bloatware, but PC executives make clear that they install software on PCs to benefit consumers and pad tiny profit margins. The vast majority is harmless if obnoxious , and some, such as a year’s subscription to Microsoft’s Office , arguably increase a PC’s value without increasing the price..If you sell a $ computer, that $ per machine is a lot of additional revenue. So I see no end in sight to bloatware.” He agrees with Westin that computers sold at mass market retailers will likely have more bloatware on them than those sold at specialty retailers. As for what PC manufacturers have to say about the issue, the answer is not much..How to Reinstall Windows Without All the Bloatware. Windows , for the first time ever, has an easy option to revert your PC to its factory default settings, minus the bloatware. The “Fresh Start” feature is new in Windows ‘s Creators Update and it’s an unheralded feature that few actually realize exists..Dear Lifehacker, I recently got a new laptop that came with Windows pre installed, but it came with a lot of extra bloatware I’d rather not have. Can I do a clean install of Windows over it, or will my product key not work with a vanilla install? Sincerely, Bad Bloatware Dear Bad, The short answer.

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