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Explore thousands of computer books for beginners and technology pros alike at Barnes Noble. Browse computer and technology books by subject, including computer programming, applications software, operating systems, database management, and more..Article Screen vs. paper Most of the students said they preferred a web page or a computer programme over books, but they still thought that the written word was the best way to gain knowledge. The students wanted a total experience from their course material, .Books are available to us at a affordable rate and price and we can get information at lower rates while computers are very costly and expensive to buy and not anyone can afford a computer set. Books are movable and portable, we can take them to whichever place we want but the computers are fixed to a table and takes a long time to move here .In conclusion, books vs computers is a kind of debate that has seen people coming out with different opinions. Some conclude that computer are expensive compared to books but one can agree that the cost of entire books needed in one’s career is much more compared to the cost of a laptop..

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Image Result For Computer Vs Books

Computer vs books

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