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Computer Recommendations for Incoming Students. We’ve worked with JMU IT and the JMU Academic Departments to offer you computers that meet the recommendations and requirements for your major. We’ve listed the computers which have been approved by most of the academic programs below under General Recommendations..Laptop Recommendations. We don’t require it, but many students opt to buy their own laptop. Listed below is a table of laptop components and our recommendations for those components in three categories Good, Better, and Best..Computer Recommendations You don’t necessarily need to bring a computer. More than computers are available to you in public labs around campus, many of them open . However, if you’d like to bring a computer with you, consider the following Windows Windows .Computer Recommendations by College Computer Recommendations by College Tags computer MorgantownCampus student. Overview. Colleges, departments or degree programs that have specific computer requirements are listed below. If yours is not listed, refer to the Student Technology Guide..

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Image Result For Computer Recommendations

Computer recommendations

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