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Vivotek VS H. ch Video Encoder The Vivotek VS H. ch Video Encoder is designed to effectively convertog signals into digital signals, as well as help make CCTV equipment compatible with IP networks. It supports up to .Security Video Encoders and Security Decoders by Pelco include the best service and guarantees in the industry..But how does the encoder actually work? Instead of plugging your CCTV camera into a DVR, you plug it into the video encoder. The encoder converts your camera’sog signals into digital. That encoder is then connected to your NVR, and your system will treat it like any other IP camera. You can even use a video encoder with PTZ cameras!.Hikvision encoders convert legacyogue cameras into an IP stream so that they can be added onto Network Video Recorders NVRs . This websites use cookies. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies..

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Image Result For Cctv Encoder

Cctv encoder

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